Bing Zhang - Artist's Statement

I tend to paint people in moments of introspection or concentration. In my current paintings I am exploring how private and public lives are related to or reshaped by technology, especially digital technology. Technology shapes an important part of a dominant ideology. As a progressive force that seems to promise a better life, technology creates new ways of communication, leads to globalization and causes people to explore new activities in everyday life. But at the same time, technology can be isolating and it has the potential to shrink an already diminishing public life.

As a major part of people's everyday life, technology affects different generations in different ways. Technology engrosses most young people at a very early stage of their lives, passes down from parents to their children. At the same time technology causes a hardship for some people of older generations who either choose to catch up with it, or just hold back and live in their old ways, however it seems like they no longer can easily do what they used to do.

Painting is the process through which I transfer myself and others into images that are comprised of my intellectual understanding of and feelings about the subject matter, transformed through the staging and rendering of the figure.